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The Hipster twin Longboard has been a natural evolution of the hipster twin swallow longboard, which made an instant impact to redefine  the abilities of longboard turns when the SMIK team arrived to Bali with the new Hipster twin longboard under their feet.  

The difference being to any other board at the contest was the tightness of turning and the speed and acceleration carried through these turns. And Wes's vertical attack was simply sublime 

The boards were borrowed and shared amongst the competitors, were then borrowed for heats, and orders placed subsequently afterwards.

The single concave runs from the nose all the way through the board which feeds into a double concave towards to the tail with a slight Vee running out the tail.


This produces a lot of speed and lift when you initiate a rail, with the double concave softening the single concave between the feet through chop, accelerating water flow and exhausting water out through the tail.

There's a fair amount of tail rocker which combines with the double concave, twin fin set up and hip in the outline to produce this extraordinary turning capabilities.  With the pintail making it oh so smooth with that vertical enhancement. 

It's nose rocker is also a blend of short board and full traditional longboards which are quite flat through the nose. By no means a slouch when up the on the nose, but recovery from vertical surfing requires a bit more nose rocker so as not to pearl coming down from critical re-entries, which was also evident in bali. (See video of the boys).

So what is the difference between the swallow tail and pintail in the Hipster longboards. As per the hipster pin. It's the smoothness in rail to rail transition. And the ability to go a bit more vert, where the swallow is all not brute speed down the line and acceleration. 

Check out the video 

10'x  27  @ 117L                       9'0 x 27   @ 106L

10'x 28.  @ 1130L                     9'0 x 28.  @ 114L

10'x29.   @ 136L                       9'0 x 29  @ 120L 

10'x 30.  @ 143L                       9'0 x 30  @125L

10'x32.    @ 153L                       9'0 x 32  @ 132L

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