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Pez  Volador (Flying fish in spanish)

Like their name sake, the Smik “Flying flsh” glides effortlessly above the water with graceful ease after having jumped out of the water with ease to escape predators. 


In a rapidly changing landscape the downwind shapes have been evolving at a dramatic pace with this being our  offering combing superior shapes and construction.


PVC Carbon

EPS Wood. (pvc standing area)

EPS/ Full carbon 

Outline on the deck is a super sleek nose running through a parallel mid-section maintained through to the tail where it hips in at the tail. This provides amazing stability at the waterline considering the narrow widths, whilst also aiding in speed to be able to break free up on to foil. 

The Bottom shape is efficient in terms of getting up onto foil and also in touch towns. Semi displacement nose with chines offering the best of being able to submerge and porpoise  in conjunction with the tail.

the long flat from nose to tail creating the ability to generate the initial paddle speed. Before rocking up onto foil with the aid of the smallest of bumps. 


On touch towns the semi displacement nose literally skims the board back up with little to no drag from the chined rails with the super fine tail barely feeling anything when carving and the tail gets a little lower to the water. 

Rockerline is a low entry with ever so slight continuous rocker without flatspots to rocking horse effect combined with displacement nose and deep V tail. 

Construction Is the other area where SMIK really stand apart. The stiffness that comes from full PVC wrap combined with carbon is unparalleled in terms of stiffness to weight ratio.  Sper light for pumbing up onto foil and then the stiffness when your pushing your weight down through the board.

Then there is EPS Wood with EPS standing area for budget minded but still superior strength to most. 

And for full tilt light weight in full Carbon which is the latest to be added 


6'9 x 21 @113L

6'10 x 22 @ 120L 

7'1 x 23 @ 130L

7'3 x 24 @ 141L

7'6 x 19.5 @112L

7'10 x 21 @122L

7'10 x 22@ 134 L

8'0 x 18 @ 116L

8'0 x 20 @ 125L

8'0 x 21 @ 131L

8'6 x 18 @ 128L

8'6 x 20 @ 142L

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