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Hipster Twin

7'8" x 28" x 98L 
 8'3" x 31" x 123L
7'10" x 29.5" x 109L
 8'6" x 31.5" x  134L
  8'10" x 32" x 145L
8'0" x 30.5" x 118L
 9'3" x 33" x 153L
SUP International Tests the Hipster Twin 8'0



The Hipster Twin is just a case of history repeating itself. It’s almost impossible not to notice the performance that’s evolved from twin fins in the surfing world, with many of the biggest brands having one in their range and all carrying the heritage of the original Mark Richard design.


It's how it all started for us, a set of Mark Richard twins with a little nubster fin laying around and thinking how perfect a twinny would be for a SUP, helping loosen things up a bit.




With its fuller nose and moderately compact shape, the Hipster Twin allows you to go shorter with added stability and glide. It doesn't feel awkward to paddle over large distances.


Mark Richards was onto something combining the hip in the outline with the 2+1 fin set up as it allows you to draw unparalleled tight arcs without letting go or losing speed.


The single concave feeds through a double and releases to a V out the tail to give a frictionless sensation of acceleration and drive coming out of a turn. Rail to rail transitions are some of the smoothest experienced, and the way the Hipster Twin feeds up the face makes everything seem easier.


It just feels like there’s a lot less drag, which equates to a sensation of speed. You really notice it when you put the board on rail and see it accelerate. 


All of this results in longer surfs just because you’re just having way too much fun. It’s as simple as that.


SMIK hasn't re-invented the wheel on this one, but we've done a pretty fine rendition of it.

Shape V2


After extensive testing, it was finally possible to find some subtle yet significant changes to the original Hipster Twin which has proven so popular by all that have tried. 


Still carrying the characteristics that made it so popular initially being a stable board with excellent speed and on-rail turning capabilities, it’s just been ever so slightly tweaked:


  1. Outline from the hip forward is slightly straighter to give more control in waves with more power without detracting from its small wave abilities.

  2. Deeper double concave which reduces rocker in the middle of the concave while leaving the rail rockerline unchanged for improved acceleration and speed.

  3. Tail V has been moved further forward further enhancing its already remarkable smooth rail-to-rail transition and ability to project more vertically. 


So whilst the imitators try and replicate the Hipster Twin's success, SMIK raises the bar even further. 


Hipster Twin "pin" (Same size and volumes and swallow )

Being added alongside the swallow tail version of the Hipster twin is the twin pin version . It's a smalll subtle difference that actually makes quite a large difference in feel. But couldn't replace the swallow tail for the for the fact that nothing would match the swallow tails combination of speed and acceleration. 

What it does provide however is 

- The ability to drive more vertically up the face. 

-smoother rail to rail transition 

- ability to pivot turn more vertically off the top. Rolling on the curves off the pin int he tail. 

- sits in the  hollower part of wave a little better, a la when it's barrelling. 

- Fabric play rails. Varying graphics that make it impossible to chip the rails with the paddle, eliminating the need for rail tape. 

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